Thanks for stopping by. By trade – in what I reluctantly call the real world – I sell furniture. I work for one of the leading franchises in Saint John, NB, and love every moment of what I do. Being a salesperson in a professional retail setting is in stark contrast to what I was doing for ‘sales’ in the call center industry. I’ll admit that some of the skills were transferable, but for the most part I am happy to forget my time spent attached to a phone.

By hobby – in what I joyfully call my dream world – I write Minecraft Fan-Fiction and sell it through various freelancing sites scattered online, play with my blog, and dabble here and there at maybe one day putting enough words together to call it a novel.

I do hope that you enjoy my little monstrosity of a blog and please feel free to leave as many comments as you’d like.


All the best – Nick


12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Nick, I like your blog, you have a handle on this page/post thing. I’ll follow and read your stories. I’m a writer too. I want to comment on the header pic. Everytime I change from Home to Blog or to About me, I couldn’t tell if anything happened. My suggestion is to make the header shorter from top to bottom. At least short enough to let the reader see a title change.

    Now here’s where you can help with me. How did you get those read more… boxes?

    Keep writing,

    1. Hi Linda, Thank you for the feedback!! I will look into different heading pictures for each page, that’s a really good idea.
      If you would like to have the “read more” prompt show up you click on insert read more tag, it’s the button that has a thick line on top and bottom and in the middle are dashes. Hope this helps!

    2. Hey Linda,
      Thank you for the feedback, these are things that I will implement soon as I like your suggestions very much. The read more prompts are easy to do. First, select the line you want the read more tag to appear. Then click on the button that has a thick line on the top and bottom with a dashed line in the middle. That’s it, you’re done! Hope this helped!

  2. Saw your post on the Blogging101 Commons. Good work with the Home page and I love what you had to say on the About page. Some random feedback: 1) I think this theme goes great with the “daydreamer” feel, but something in me is thinking that there is another theme that would be an even better fit. I don’t know, you know better though. 2) I’d love to see a photo of you on your about page! It makes it feel more welcoming in my opinion.

    Take my thoughts as they are. This is your blog and you do you haha. I’d love to hear your feedback on mine:


  3. First, I like the layout; I tried to make Lovecraft look good, but just couldn’t get it right, but you’ve done great work with it. I enjoyed your introduction of yourself–Nice to meet you. Next, I have to ask which version of “Daydream Believer”? I’m a Monkees fan myself, but I still appreciate Anne Murray’s smoother version. I also have a neat cover by a Japanese group, Shonen Knife, which is a little punky. Of course, maybe you just like the phrase, and that’s fine, too! 🙂

    1. The phrase definitely came from The Monkees. I loved the TV show!! I need to keep shopping for a theme, I’ve used a couple different ones and just can’t seem to settle. Thank you for the feedback!!

  4. Hi Nick, thanks for the follow! Much appreciated. I also like your blog’s layout. What I also like about wordpress is the freedom to trade it up or over as we please. Looking forward to many more reads!!

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