I Write Because …

I write because it lets me escape. Cliche I know, but it’s the truth. When I sit down and start working an idea over in my mind I feel like I’m trying to find the hidden latch of an old jewelry box.

There’s that fearful moment of wonder. Will I ever get this open? And you turn it over and over again, and then you do get it open. The latch pops up. A little click echoes in your ears and after all that work, you hesitate. What if there’s nothing inside? What if after all this work there’s nothing. But, you know there is something and so you open the lid.

Quite often, and without warning, everything tumbles out and you’re not upset. Laying before you on the floor of your mind lay the scattered pieces of the story you just unlocked. All of its little pieces are there, waiting for you to pick them up, dust them off, and put them in their proper little places.

As those little pieces start to find their place you all of a sudden realize that some people have appeared to help you out. You’re a little afraid, at first. No one else seems to be able to see them, and yet they feel quite real to you. They’ve created a world to live in and you help build them up and you help them meet other new people who have arrived.

You learn their deepest fears and highest hopes and then (especially if you’re George R.R Martin) you kill them off. One by one, until only a few remain. Or you arm them and take them into battle against their biggest fears and triumph over the evil in their life.

Then you share their story with the world. You put it out there and say; look and see what has happened here! Come and witness this great unfolding of events. If you’re lucky, people (the ones you really can see) will want to hear about the people (the ones they can’t see. Doesn’t mean their not real though!) you’ve told the story about.

You see. Even now we’ve gone on a short adventure, you and I. We’ve stepped across the threshold into that place of time and space that only exists in the written word. Where anything and everything is possible. You just have to dare to dream. Dare yourself to find that latch and pull it open. That’s why I write, my friends. To find that place, to tell that story.


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