Wicked Wednesday Triple Prompt

Life away from the pen has me setting the stage today with a little preamble. What lay before you is a construct of my mind that has blended three different prompts into one post. Let it be known, all is not well in the Kingdom of Nick. Trials passed present more difficult foes. Time once had is lost. Change is inevitable.

Life away from the pen no longer has balance. The structure and reliability of continuity have all but gone. Replaced by something similar, yet different enough to be uncomfortable. The scale is not so easily set to balance, my friends. Thankfully, my home remains steady. My children and wife are still pleased to see me.

Life away from the pen is light and colorful when with my daughters. Children are magical creatures. They open up the world. Their thoughts are not hindered by the unbalance of scales. They find new ways to interact with the world, each time fascinating me more. They fuel my creativity and bring light to the recesses of my mind that have been left dusty for too long.

Life away from the pen is nurtured in love. My wife settles me, keeps me balanced and warms my emotions. She protects me and guides me. A stronghold of my deepest secrets and fears, she is my embodiment of trust. My family encompasses me. A beacon in the night. A trusted friend.

Life away from the pen is refueled with reading. Especially a good scary story. If it makes me not want to leave the couch, not want to turn off the light, not want to go to bed and fall asleep, then the book has done its job marvelously. Reading reminds me why I want to write. It refocuses my energy and sparks my imagination. Wine also helps. Ohh! and chocolate too.

Life away from the pen is enjoyed with movies. A great stimulus for getting emotions primed. Movies help me get to that place where anything and everything is possible. They supercharge my emotions and that flows into my writing. I like to think that is the way it happens, at least. Supplemented now by the return of some of my favorite TV shows means that I’ll have a PVR full of awesomeness at my disposal.

Life away from the pen takes me into the forest. The sounds are gentle, a welcomed change from society. The smells are fresh on crisp air. The forest speaks to me of simpler times. The ease of coexistence displayed everywhere, humans the most prolific animal to unbalance the scale of nature, reminds me to keep life simple. Coexist with the world around me, not dominate it.

Life away from the pen is too long. I dream constantly of returning. Feeling the paper, hearing the pen scratch, seeing the creation, tasting success, smelling the printer churn out your story.

Life away from the pen deprives my senses, I am less my true self, I am incomplete away from the pen.


4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday Triple Prompt

  1. Well I have to disagree with your last paragraph, you aren’t deprived from everything stated in the previous paragraphs.

    Life away from your pen keeps you from reliving everything. I thinks what’s more important is flow. When you write and you are in flow with your words, that’s a magical feeling. And it’s repeatable.

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