Freelancing and how it improved my writing.

This is a bit of a revamped post from my old blog if anyone remembers those days. I was fresh on the freelancing scene back then and had noticed a sudden shift in my writing after taking on a couple of projects. It had gotten better. Looking back on it all now I realize that I had actually become more confident in my writing. The realization that someone was willing to pay, and come back asking for more, was a huge confidence booster.

What prompted this little trip down memory lane is a quote I found scrolling through my Facebook feed.

Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear – George Addair

It ties in nicely with my post on fear I wrote during the writing 101 course offered through WordPress. The quote from George Addair also made me realize that had I not decided to step past my fear of my work being inadequate for selling or publication I likely would not be the writer I am today.

As my confidence grew I became more willing to solicit advice and guidance that further improved my writing. I now feel empowered to step-out on the freelancing scene and say to clients “yes, I can write that for you” and not break into a sweat trying to figure out how I’m going to pull it off.

It’s a pretty good feeling, I have to admit.

Now onto some other goodies and updates.

book coverI was able to find that book I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post. The actual title is Writer’s Guide to Character Traits – Includes profiles of human behaviors and personality types. Written by Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D. This book gives you all the information you need to make a believable character ranging from the town drunk to successful business person and every echelon of a person in between.

With the nice weather over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, I was able to get into the 10 acres of woods behind my property and have a nice walk around. While the property is mine by deed it is shared with two other families for hunting purposes. So I wanted to see where they have set up stands and find a place for one of my own.

My step-daughter tagged along and we had great success together. She found a nice open clearing that has naturally growing apple trees and signs of activity that are promising. I’m looking forward to heading back this weekend to set up a trail camera or two and see what’s happening.

My father-in-law is expecting to be up sometime before the end of the month and he and I are going to work out a trail to make getting in and out a little more manageable. The previous owners of our home aged and the trails into the woods were allowed to be reclaimed by the forest.
Aerial HouseI found this really nice aerial photo on one of my neighbors Facebook page. They had taken several of the surrounding homes and was really happy to see they had taken this one. It is my home with the majority of the 10 acres that I get to call my country living.

For clarity, there is a small portion on the left-hand side about half way up that is owned by another person and the clearing on the top left is the farmers field. Aside from that, most of what you see here is our property. Pretty neat, eh!

I’ll leave you here for now. Happy mid-month everyone!


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