How Well do You Know Yourself

Tell me honestly, how well do you know yourself? It’s a question that is more difficult than you may think. It was for me at least, and that’s why I wanted to make a post with that question in mind. Even today I’m not sure that I can truly answer with certainty. What about you?

Remember back in grade school when every couple of years or so they’d ask us the same question. What do you want to be when you grow up? In the early years, they’d take just about anything for an answer wouldn’t they? Astronaut, spy, and superhero were the typical top picks back then. Those were the fun days.

Somewhere along the way they decided those just didn’t cut it anymore. They wanted something called a realistic answer. Whatever that is it still has me confused. I started realizing around this time that I was or at least appeared to be separated from the herd. Everyone had an answer or at least an idea. I had nothing.

Thinking back on those days in class I’ll admit it’s pretty fuzzy now, but I can’t recall anyone saying things like call center agent or anything of the sort. And please, don’t get me wrong. Call center jobs are necessary and for some are exactly what they want and need. They are worthy jobs, but they don’t pop into the heads of students as the “dream job”.

I’ve never really known what I wanted to be as a ‘grown up’. I’ve never felt the passion or drive to say to myself “let’s do this for the next 40 years”. Writing has come close, but I can’t sustain my family on freelance writing waiting for my big break to come. Teaching was a close second, but my opportunity to sail that ship left harbor a decade and a half ago.

I admire those people who seem to have their careers planted firmly in front of them. I want to image the sense of security it offers, the peace of mind knowing that you’re doing what you love each and every day. I wonder what it’s like going to work happy.

You can tell me if you’re doing what you love in the comments section, or by clicking on Contact Nick. Let me what your response was back in the day to the fabled “what do you want to be” question.

Lots of Love,


9 thoughts on “How Well do You Know Yourself

  1. Your post is really timely. Five years ago I thought I knew what I wanted, but now, not so much. I’ve rediscovered writing/blogging few months back, and it has been an escape from my daily life. It’s something I look forward to each day. I’m in the process of looking for ways to fall back in love with my job.

    I do notice a pattern – I’m happier when working with the following: words (writing/reading), learning/teaching, and understanding/analysing people. So maybe I’ll be looking for a dream job along those lines.

    1. I hope that you get to look into your dream job. It gets so much more difficult later in life but if your circumstances allow it try looking at going to school and getting the degrees you need to make it a reality.

  2. I’m afraid that over the years I’ve become more cynical about this: how many people are really doing what they would chose as a hobby too? I think most have a job to sustain them and try to find a hobby that gives them energy outside of work. And if you can find a good working environment with a tolerable boss and nice colleagues, then that’s a big plus.

    1. I agree. The vast majority of the workforce tolerates the employment and tinkers with their passion outside of it. I wonder if our societal structure were different how many of that majority would lead a happier, enriched life? How would that change the world? For something so relatively small as a job I feel there is something deeper to it as well.

    2. Hullo Yvo: cynical here also, a job to pay bills and hopefully leave time for enjoyment (great bosses are hard to find these days).

      Hullo Nick: Absolutely a different social expectation, maybe if a three day week was ‘normal’ and we consumed less so we didn’t need to work more in order to consume more?

      1. Curbing the focus on live=consumption would be wonderful. But it would also make a lot of very rich people not so rich anymore. I’m afraid we, as a collective society, have made a deal with the devil and he doesn’t want out.

      2. It would also make a lot of poor people more rich… I didn’t make a deal with the devil – I have already backed off from the ‘we as a collective society’ deal (by consuming less and using what I already have more), so… perhaps, the devil will have to accept a new deal, and that will be wonderful 😉 🙂 ? ?

  3. I feel as though I rediscover myself each year. What I have noticed as I look back is that I have done most of what I desired to do at that time. Now I am doing what I love, but I do feel like taking it to another level (like maybe being my own boss). Either way, I think that we evolve with time and as long as we are happy at each moment then we are on the right track:)

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