Creacher Released their Album and I stayed up late.

I feel as though October happened very quickly. To think that Halloween is next weekend and from there we’re into the last months of the year seems to all-of-a-sudden for me.

My wife is headed to Moncton this weekend to spend some time with a friend and probably start some Christmas shopping. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my two youngest daughters, we tend to get up to no good when left unsupervised so it should be a good weekend.
It’s 4:30 Friday morning and I’ve decided to stop working on a freelance project that is starting to cause more pain than joy at the present moment in time. I’ve gone passed the tipping point of being tired however and decided that a blog post might help clear up my mind enough to grab a couple of hours of sleep before I head into work this afternoon. I’m cautiously hopeful.

NaNoWriMo is a week away! I’ve meant to check out what local events are happening in my area and every time I visit the site I seem to get lost in the forums and forget all about checking in. Would anyone be interested in joining/creating an online group with me during Nano?

I’m not thinking anything drastic, just trying to create a space we can all be connected to and share word counts, advice, many do some prompts and word sprints, stuff like that. It feels like I’m doing NaNoWriMo an injustice by not participating in some way with other writers during the event. Maybe that’s just me, who knows.

CreacherOh! Remember that band I was telling you guys about. Creacher released their album and you can buy a digital copy of it here. I used to work with one of the band members back in Moncton and they’ve put together a really nice punk rock album together. If you’re into that style of music check them out and support a small local band.

I think this weekend once the kids are in bed I may post a teaser on my NaNo novel, so stay tuned for that. I’m going to pop a couple of headache pills and see if I can get some sleep.

Happy Friday!


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