Inspiriation to write – Chance to win a free book cover!

Ana Spoke from has created a contest! She’s based it on her experience creating the book cover for her novel, Shizzle, Inc.

The contest is to write the pitch of your novel and let her know about it. The readers of her blog will vote for their favorites and the winner receives their own book cover designed by Ana!! Check out her blog post here for all the details.

I discovered creating a couple of sentences that form a pitch are just as hard as writing the story. In my defense, this is the first pitch I’ve written. So, the pressure and doubt didn’t help. Let me know your thoughts in a comment down below. If you liked it be sure to follow Ana and toss me a vote when the polls open.

The Pitch:

It knows your darkest thoughts, your deepest secrets, and your hidden desires. All you need to do; put the puzzle together. Richard and Vivian Cordova discover the puzzle when they move into their newly bought home. One thousand pieces wedge their way between the newlyweds putting their vows and their lives to the test.

Thank you, Ana, for the wonderful contest and giving me the perfect kick to get blogging again.

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