Writing on Wattpad.

My step-daughter introduced me to Wattpad. For those unfamiliar, it’s a web-based platform where you can share your written work with anyone willing to read it, gain feedback, read other’s works, give feedback and live a wholesome life. What I really like about the whole setup is that there’s no point system or requirements to post (aside from a free account, of course.) Something that’s always dogged me about some other sites I’ve found.

Here’s her profile, check it out. She’s developing into a strong story teller and with time and practice could very well hit the shelves with a novel. Here’s mine. She has a much better handle on her’s. Maybe I’ll get her to spruce mine up for me. It’s a scary thought that I’m transitioning to the age where I need help with the technology. The new mid-life crisis!

Anyways, just a short and sweet to say what I’ve been up too lately. I’ve got a very rough, very first draft of the very first half chapter of that ever elusive novel I keep on about posted to my Wattpad. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Is this something that would be easier for you guys if I just copied it over to a WordPress post and shared it here?

All the best kids! We’ll talk again soon.



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