A Different Definition of Destiny.

It’s almost Midnight now and my Redsox are trying to put away the Pirates in the bottom of the 12th inning. Over the last couple of innings, a thought has been tumbling around my mind over a radio interview I listened to a couple nights back on the drive home from work.

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Writing on Wattpad.

My step-daughter introduced me to Wattpad. For those unfamiliar, it’s a web-based platform where you can share your written work with anyone willing to read it, gain feedback, read other’s works, give feedback and live a wholesome life. What I really like about the whole setup is that there’s no point system or requirements to post (aside from a free account, of course.) Something that’s always dogged me about some other sites I’ve found.

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Keep Yourself Sane: Start a Blog

Hello, remember me? I’m not sure I do, but that’s okay. You see I forgot who I was for a while and that’s when this whole blog thing started. I’d like to think that in that time around my last blog post I found myself. Or, at least a semblance of who I’m supposed to be. Yeah, that’s the best word I can think of for it all, a semblance.

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A Childhood Dream

When I was younger, twelve or thirteen, my bedroom at my parents house was placed in a corner with the head of the bed and one side pushed against the wall. I liked it this way. There can be a certain comfort and security in being cuddled in blankets and pressed up against a wall away from the open edges of my bed.

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Inspiriation to write – Chance to win a free book cover!

Ana Spoke from anaspoke.com has created a contest! She’s based it on her experience creating the book cover for her novel, Shizzle, Inc.

The contest is to write the pitch of your novel and let her know about it. The readers of her blog will vote for their favorites and the winner receives their own book cover designed by Ana!! Check out her blog post here for all the details.

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Creacher Released their Album and I stayed up late.

I feel as though October happened very quickly. To think that Halloween is next weekend and from there we’re into the last months of the year seems to all-of-a-sudden for me.

My wife is headed to Moncton this weekend to spend some time with a friend and probably start some Christmas shopping. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my two youngest daughters, we tend to get up to no good when left unsupervised so it should be a good weekend.
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Freelancing and how it improved my writing.

This is a bit of a revamped post from my old blog if anyone remembers those days. I was fresh on the freelancing scene back then and had noticed a sudden shift in my writing after taking on a couple of projects. It had gotten better. Looking back on it all now I realize that I had actually become more confident in my writing. The realization that someone was willing to pay, and come back asking for more, was a huge confidence booster.

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Take a cue from your readers. Writing 101

Remember the poll that I placed at the end of a post a while back? Yeah, me either. So, for us forgetful types here’s a link to get us to the poll. Now the good news is, there have been some votes, but I would like to see a couple more before I go ahead and close it up. (Which I’ll do in about 24 hours.) If you could be so kind as to click a pick I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll use the selected locale to write this weekends ‘post over coffee’ episode. Could be an interesting time!
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Wicked Wednesday Triple Prompt

Life away from the pen has me setting the stage today with a little preamble. What lay before you is a construct of my mind that has blended three different prompts into one post. Let it be known, all is not well in the Kingdom of Nick. Trials passed present more difficult foes. Time once had is lost. Change is inevitable.
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Writing 101: A Quote On Fear

… I fear letting those I love down, letting myself down. …

There’s a picture that hangs in my office. The full quote is kind of long, so I’ll include it in length down below. This passage though, this one speaks back to why I started writing 101. This is my motivator. This drives me. When it hurts too much, when I feel despair and resignation looming, when the desire is waning – I fear.

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I Write Because …

I write because it lets me escape. Cliche I know, but it’s the truth. When I sit down and start working an idea over in my mind I feel like I’m trying to find the hidden latch of an old jewelry box.

There’s that fearful moment of wonder. Will I ever get this open? And you turn it over and over again, and then you do get it open. The latch pops up. A little click echoes in your ears and after all that work, you hesitate. What if there’s nothing inside? What if after all this work there’s nothing. But, you know there is something and so you open the lid.

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